Problems with debug packages on ubuntu 9.10 karmic

Jason Crain jason at
Mon Feb 8 13:41:37 UTC 2010

Quoting Thomas Mittelstaedt <tmstaedt at>:
> I have problems producing bug reports containing backtraces with all
> debug symbols. Even though I do have the dbg packages installed, gdb 7
> doesn't pick them up automatically, neither for an installed app like
> rhythmbox nor for a custom build of gnome evolution.
> The non-stripped libraries get installed under /usr/lib/debug and I
> tried to use add-symbol-file, to load the symbols. And this procedure
> would only be partly successful, i.e. in the backtrace, some function
> calls of a library would show nicely while others would be just the
> usual '???'.
> See and

It looks like mostly libraries are left.  You can try installing the  
following debug packages.


And this is why it's easer to send bugs to launchpad.  They can use  
apport-retracer to get the debugging symbols themselves.

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