The Oracle debate. Possibly an over-reaction?

Chris Jones chrisjones at
Sun Dec 26 01:08:11 UTC 2010

I know somewhere along the line Ubuntu is probably going to switch to
LibreOffice by default. But does that mean that with the future
inclusion of LO, it also means to future removal of OpenOffice from the
If yes, can someone really explain why.

I've been thinking about this for some weeks now.
When Oracle acquired Sun Microsystems, I was really worried about the
future of some software and services, as were many other nerds alike.

But the new release of Virtualbox 4.0 spawned me to write this post,
as the latest 4.0 release of VB is an awesome release with due credit to
Oracle as there beens lots of fixes and additions.

And Oracle are close to releasing OpenOffice 3.3 (currently in RC8). In
addition to the recent updated release of MySQL 5.5 and Solaris 11.
I haven't personally tested out MySQL 5.5 but I do dabble a bit in
Solaris 11 and once again, they've done a fine job with a fine release.
So credit to Oracle where due.

And for which all of the aforementioned are freely available and as open
as they were before, when Sun Microsystems had them.

So at current, I can't really see any reason to either start removing
Oracle products from the repositories or to generate some sort of geek
hatred toward Oracle.


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