Not sure where to go from here

Cariboo907 cariboo907 at
Wed Dec 8 20:24:15 UTC 2010

I've been dealing with a hibernation problem over the last couple of
weeks. I'm not sure what package to report about it.

Over the past couple of weeks, on my Maverick UNE upgrade to Natty,
every time I but my netbook into hibernation it goes into hibernation
just fine, but when coming out, it seems to destroy the swap partion.

Ive recreated the swap using:

sudo mkswap /dev/sda6

the above command prints out the UUID for that partition. I then edit
/etc/initramfs-tools/conf.d/resume to reflect the new UUID and update
initramfs, At that time even a reboot would make the swap partition
unreadable. Checking gparted or Disk Utility after a beboot showed the
partition as unknown, and when checking the UUID using:

sudo blkid

The swap partition never shows up.

Last night I did a fresh install using the latest Natty daily build iso,
I can now reboot without the swap partition being destroyed, but
hibernate still makes it unusable. I installed the hibernate package
from the repository,hibernate works, but now I get a black rectangle
about the size of an open terminal in the upper left corner of the
screen, that only a reboot will make go away.

I need some guidance in what package to file the bug against.

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