Re-mastering/Customization of Server ISO

Patrick Schultz schultz.patrick at
Wed Aug 4 00:33:36 UTC 2010

Hello All:

I am in the middle of building a custom ISO (for 8.04.4 i386 server)
and am stuck at one point.

I've largely used the following script to get me started:

It did have a few errors btw (ex. mixing directory names of FinalCD
and finalcd).

The good news is that the installation works great when connected to
the internet.
The bad news is that it fails when not connected to the internet.

I believe this is because the install is trying to search for security
updates to apply. If this is the case, how would I preseed it so that
if it fails, it does so gracefully and continues the install?

My other thought is that the packages on the CD are ignored and are
instead downloaded. I believe that this is less likely because from
what I can tell from the logs from the network connected install (see
attached file; line 2503; ), it is only downloading the updates. From
the no-network syslog, it appears to fail when it attempts to locate
the release file on the archive mirror.

Much Thanks,
Patrick Schultz
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