qjackctl 0.3.4 WTF?

John Snowden j2snowden at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Aug 2 01:18:08 UTC 2010

Hi there,

I've recently noticed that I have this little app JACK Control (qjackctl 0.3.4) in my Sound & Video menu. I haven't installed it at all. Where is it coming from? Some program pulled it down without my knowledge in the background?

I have clean GNOME GTK (don't even have VLC) desktop and yet this program has appeared without my knowledge. Very weired. I haven't updated my system for a while because I was testing another systems (all Ubuntu mint derivatives) on a pendrive and when I came back I see this JACK Control qt app. I am dumbfounded. I couldn't find any info in Google. I have already uninstalled it. Any idea? Because its weired and makes me look like some weirdo even asking such question. I thought nothing could surprise my anymore, but now I look like an idiot.

Cheers and thanks


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