Edubuntu Meeting Logs - 18 August 2010

Jonathan Carter (highvoltage) jonathan at
Wed Aug 18 20:04:52 UTC 2010


Next meeting is at 25 August 2010 at 19:00 UTC:

I didn't have much time to take real notes during this meeting, so I'll
post the logs as-is here for anyone that might have wanted to attend but

15:00 < highvoltage> Howdy! Who's here for the Edubuntu meeting?
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15:01 < highvoltage> Agenda is up on
15:01 < highvoltage> Anything we should add?
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15:02 < highvoltage> here is the release schedule,
15:03 < highvoltage> we're one month away from beta. then everything
should be more or less working with minor bugs left to fix only
15:03 < highvoltage> currently we're more or less ok with feature
freeze. the ubiquity enhancements is currently a bit behind schedule,
and not yet in a working state
15:04 < highvoltage> but if it misses this release entirely, it won't be
a major issue
15:05 < highvoltage> I discovered this wallpaper last week via
15:05 < highvoltage> I thought it was quite nice but the license was
cc-by-nc, which we can't include in Ubuntu
15:06 < dinda> it is nice though
15:06 < highvoltage> so I contacted the author and he immediately
changed the licensing for us, so it will be one of the included
wallpapers in maverick!
15:06 < dinda> sweet!
15:07 < highvoltage> I'm also going to contact some of the artists who
created these wallpapers:
15:07 < highvoltage> all of them are already released undera a free
license, but has some issues, so maybe I can do some convincing since
it's for edubuntu
15:08 < alkisg> Woo, nice wallpapers
15:08 < highvoltage> the first two that starts with CURRENTLY_NONFREE
are also cc-by-nc
15:08 < highvoltage>
is released under an artistic license
15:08 < highvoltage> that means we can't remove the VLADSTUDIO text but
we are allowed to distrubute it
15:09 < dinda> is CC-By  the only license we can use?
15:09 < highvoltage> maybe I could get them to either remove the text or
just change the license. maybe somewhat of a long shot but I decided to
give it a shot anyway
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15:09 < alkisg> Most of the vlad studio text will be covered by the
bottom panel anyway :P
15:09 < highvoltage> dinda: we can use any free license, which includes
but is not limited to: cc-by, gpl, gfdl, bsd and public domain
15:09 < highvoltage> alkisg: hehe, yes
15:10 < highvoltage> dinda: for people who use cc-by-nc, it's often easy
enought to convince them to just drop the -nc
15:10  * mhall119 is here
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15:10 < dinda> ok, makes sense, thanks
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15:11 < highvoltage> the periodic table wallpaper is already in the
wallpaper chooser since today
15:11 < highvoltage> I'll add the GPL/CC-BY ones tomorrow and then the
rest as they become available
15:12 < highvoltage> I plan to split the wallpapers out into a
-wallpapers package, since our artwork package is already quite big and
it's a lot to update for what's usually just a few text changes in the file
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15:12 < highvoltage> I also uploaded Gnome Nanny last week
15:13 < highvoltage> some more information on Gnome Nanny here:
15:13 < highvoltage> stgraber added it to the seeds so it's included in
the current edubuntu builds
15:14 < highvoltage> I'll try to get the gnome-nanny-data package
uploaded too, it includes lists of sites and stuff that kids shouldn't
be able to visit
15:14 < mhall119> is gnome nanny Gnome dependent, or just GDM dependent?
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15:15 < highvoltage> mhall119: not sure. it uses gconf for some stuff so
it's certainly somewhat gnome dependent
15:15 < alkisg> highvoltage: so gnome-nanny is in the maverick
repositories? /me can't find it...
15:16 < mhall119> ok
15:16 < highvoltage> mhall119: talking of which, mgariepy (hrm I should
get him to join these meetings) showed me some cool stuff he does with
gconf paths with the desktop-profiles package, from what I've seen it
might be possible to fix the qimo-gnome-desktop dillemma with that
15:17 < highvoltage> alkisg: package name is just 'nanny'
15:17 < mhall119> highvoltage: I think that's what I've been learning
about on my own, so getting some guidance from someone who knows the
"right way" would be fantastic
15:17 < alkisg> highvoltage: cool, thanks!
15:18 < alkisg> (nanny wasn't on yet but it's there)
15:18 < highvoltage> alkisg: ah yes, maverick is currently broken on :(
15:18 < alkisg> Ah
15:19 < highvoltage> bug I'm going to work on this week still includ:
bug 619888, 614045, 588890, 613797, and 615162
15:19 < ubottu> Launchpad bug 619888 in edubuntu-artwork (Ubuntu) "Split
edubuntu-wallpapers from edubuntu-artwork" [Low,Confirmed]
15:19 < ubottu> Launchpad bug 614045 in Ubuntu "[needs-packaging] Acire"
[Wishlist,In progress]
15:19 < ubottu> Launchpad bug 588890 in edubuntu-docs (Ubuntu) "Old
artwork used in "About Edubuntu" page" [Undecided,New]
15:19 < ubottu> Launchpad bug 613797 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Edubuntu
Maverick Alpha 3 installation went much slower than usual"
15:19 < highvoltage> ubottu: thanks
15:19 < ubottu> You're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)
15:20 < highvoltage> anyone else have any bugs or technical work to
mention before we move on?
15:20 < dinda> what's the status of the edubuntu-docs?  is that just
updating the artwork?
15:20 < highvoltage> good question, we should actually have a section
for docs for each meeting
15:21 < highvoltage> it will certainly need some updating but personally
I haven't had any time to make any plans for it
15:21 < dinda> yes, always a tough task to find people to update docs
15:22 < highvoltage> dgroos started this so that we can put together a
basic selection of instructions and tips for Edubuntu:
15:22 < dinda> anything considered critical for maverick other than artwork?
15:22 < highvoltage> so that would be quite useful. the built-in help
system (yelp) in edubuntu would still need some further update though
15:24 < highvoltage> I don't think we have anything strictly marked
critical at this stage. if I don't finish the ltsp and desktop
integration plugins for ubiquity, we'd have a regression from lucid
since we at least had some crude working version of that in there
15:24 < highvoltage> so I guess that's #1 on my todo list
15:25 < highvoltage> and that's probably going to take most of my
edubuntu time over the next 2 weeks
15:25 < dinda> :)
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15:25 < highvoltage> we should perhaps try to get the ubuntu-doc team
involved a bit more
15:27 < dinda> highvoltage: there are always new people coming offering
to help with docs but most cannot get through the download this branch
from Bzr and then use docbook to edit stage
15:27 < dinda> minor patching stuff is fine and even better if they can
just edit wiki pages
15:28 < highvoltage> dinda: *nod* imho if someone just even wants to
write a blog entry or put their documentation into an MS Word document
that's fine with me
15:28 < dinda> me too
15:28 < highvoltage> getting it wiki-ized or up on a webpage is
something lots of us can do :)
15:28 < dinda> highvoltage: quick question o the wiki since it's come
up. . .
15:28 < dinda> is the edubuntu wiki site completely separate from the
main ubuntu wiki site?
15:28 < highvoltage> and someone in the ubuntu-doc team can then convert
it into other formats from there
15:29 < highvoltage> dinda: that question comes up often. the edubuntu
wiki and the ubuntu wiki is in fact the exact same wiki, with different
15:29 < dinda> ok, good
15:29 < highvoltage> dinda: this confuses many users, and even search
15:30 < highvoltage> so with the last release cycle we actually decided
to drop the edubuntu theme, and just use the ubuntu wiki (redirecting
links from the domain)
15:31 < highvoltage> the same with the kubuntu wiki too.
15:31 < dinda> makes sense as most folks will start on the ubuntu wiki
and search there
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15:31 < highvoltage> I need to still create an RT ticket about that...
15:32 < highvoltage> ah! and more good news, canonical IS fixed the last
permissions I needed on the webserver this morning
15:33 < highvoltage> I said before that I actually bought a new theme
for the site
15:33 < highvoltage> we've had lots of tries on redesigns but people
either lost the momentum or enthusiasm to complete it
15:33 < highvoltage> so I'm just going to adapt an existing great theme
to our use
15:34 < mhall119> highvoltage: what platform does the website use?
15:34 < highvoltage> (I'll get a screenshot so long)
15:34 < highvoltage> mhall119: drupal
15:34 < mhall119> highvoltage: there is currently work on a Drupal theme
to match the new theme
15:35 < mhall119> it'll be based on the ubuntu-website project
15:35 < mhall119> just like the one we use for
15:35 < highvoltage> mhall119: when I'm done with our site, it's going
to look better than the site ;)
15:35 < mhall119> even better
15:36 < mhall119> just wanted to put that knowledge out there
15:36 < highvoltage> here's a sreenshot of the vanilla theme:
15:37 < highvoltage> and here's a link to a live demo, although you
might have to choose the specific variation in the variation chooser:
15:37 < mhall119> shiny
15:37 < highvoltage> what I like about that theme is, it's very
functional, but also very basic, so it's easy to customize
15:37 < highvoltage> it will probably not be very recognisable as that
theme when I'm done with it, but I think it can work as a very good base
for the edubuntu site
15:38 < highvoltage> ah, if you choose the light-orange variation form
the variation chooser, it will look like the one in the screenshot
15:38 < alkisg> Nice, it feel light... (/me hates heavy webpages like
launchpad :D)
15:39 < highvoltage> dinda mentioned grassroot movements on the lists
15:40 < highvoltage> I want the website to be welcomming and let people
know that it's a grassroot-kind of movement
15:40 < dgroos> highvoltage: I agree, clean and nice balance of white
15:40 < highvoltage> and I want to make it inviting so that people would
actually want to get involved on all sorts of levels
15:40 < highvoltage> I want lots of stories of what people out there are
doing with ubuntu in schools, at home
15:41 < highvoltage> and also stories of people who contribute, how they
contribue and why they do it
15:41 < dgroos> very cool.
15:41 < dinda> highvoltage: I'll tell you what it was great to go to
that Moodle conference and see educators inviting Dell to come see their
LTSP and Ubuntu labs!
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15:41 < highvoltage> edubuntu has been way too boring for too long and
we need to change that :)
15:42 < highvoltage> dinda: awesome :)
15:42  * mhall119 needs to attempt an LTSP lab one of these days
15:42 < highvoltage> dinda: it would be so cool if you could write a
blog entry for the site some time when you go to such a conference again!
15:42 < highvoltage> well, when we actually have a blog up and running :)
15:42 < dinda> highvoltage: was just thinking it would be a nice time
ask people to either post to the list or maybe we can create a wiki page
of schools using Ubuntu - is there such a page now?
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15:43 < highvoltage> dinda: I'm not sure. I think there used to be.
would you perhaps have time to check?
15:43 < dinda> highvoltage: yip, searching now
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15:46 < dinda> back to school time in north america might be a good time
to ask folks to let us know if they are going back to school with ubuntu
15:46 < highvoltage> Anything else for this meeting? I think I pretty
much covered everything on my list :)
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15:47 < dinda> all good here
15:47 < dgroos> Back to school... tomorrow!
15:47 < highvoltage> dinda: the company I work for also does linux
support and implementation for a bunch of school districts. I can
probably get some people to do interviews with some schools when they go
out there
15:48 < dinda> highvoltage: the article in T.H.E about Open source
quoted folks from Revolution Linux
15:48 < highvoltage> cool :)
15:48 < dinda> T.H.E is an education magazine
15:48 < dinda> let me see if I can find the online link, I get the print
15:49 < pleia2> if someone creates a "school using ubuntu" page, please
give me a nudge, I have a few to add
15:49 < dinda>
15:50 < highvoltage> pleia2: great! will do!
15:50 < highvoltage> I guess that's it for this meeting?
15:50 < highvoltage> I'll post the logs to the list.
15:50 < highvoltage> Next week's meeting is the same time, same place
15:50 < alkisg> Thanks highvoltage
15:51 < dinda> thanks
15:51 < highvoltage> and thanks for joining in so that it's just not me
blabbering for 30 minutes! :)
15:52 < highvoltage> meeting adjourned! *GONG*

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