Apache2 in default Ubuntu install

Harry Strongburg harry.ubuntu at harry.lu
Fri Aug 13 07:06:11 UTC 2010

On Fri, Aug 13, 2010 at 6:00 AM, Martin Pitt <martin.pitt at ubuntu.com> wrote:
> php5 installs everything related to PHP, which includes the web server
> module. If you only want the command line interpreter, but none of the
> web stuff, just install php5-cli instead. But I dare to claim that
> most people who want PHP actually want it as a web server platform.

Apache is not the only httpd in the world that supports PHP-CGI! PHP can be run with most httpds.
Bundling the php5 package to install Apache is like selling T-Shirts along with jeans, but packaged together. There's a large chance that the end-user will use the pants that were sold with the T-Shirt, but why package them together? The end-user should have more options, not less!
(It's a bad example, but it's all I can think of at 4 AM :))

On Fri, Aug 13, 2010 at 07:46:01AM +0100, Phillip Whiteside wrote:
> In Harry's defence I'd like to point out that using tasksel for a LAMP
> installation does at least give you a choice of apache2 or lightpd. So, php
> should not really be dragging anything in as a 'depends'. Those wishing to
> install LAMP can do so quite easily.

Exactly! Can also add in nginx, cherokee, and any other similar httpds that would work with PHP?

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