Desktop CDs: Around 60 MB saved on the installed system, 28 MB in binary packages

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Thu Aug 12 05:04:14 UTC 2010

Hello Till,

Till Kamppeter [2010-08-11 19:50 +0200]:
> the Google Summer of Code 2010 is over and the only student working
> for OpenPrinting, Vitor Baptista from Brazil, was successful with
> the project of effectively compressing PPDs for PostScript printers
> which are physically residing on the system. I have made use of this
> software now in the foomatic-db and hplip packages leading to the
> following savings:
> Binary Package             *.deb file       installed system
> ------------------------------------------------------------
> openprinting-ppds               ~4 MB                  ~5 MB
> openprinting-ppds-extra        ~18 MB                 ~28 MB
> hplip-data                      ~4 MB                 ~26 MB

This is great to see, thanks for this work!

> Note also that the splitting of openprinting-ppds and
> openprinting-ppds-extra was done to remove a big part of the
> space-consuming PPD files from the Desktop CD. Now as the data is
> vastly compressed I am thinking about merging the PPDs of
> openprinting-ppds-extra back into openprinting-ppds and doing away
> with openprinting-ppds-extra. WDYT?

That would add 15 MB after removing 8 MB, so this would still be a net
loss of 7 MB; I don't think we can afford that, since we are still in
"desperate mode" on the CDs -- we removed almost all langpacks before
alpha-2, so we currently have almost no i18n support, and we already
had to do a lot of work to get alpha-3 non-overflown.

However, if we get enough space for -extra, I'd keep the split in any
case, since it's not needed for the majority of systems. So it should
still be possible to uninstall it on small footprint systems.



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