Updating from LGPL 2 to LGPL 3

Francesco Fumanti francesco.fumanti at gmx.net
Sat Aug 7 12:23:41 UTC 2010


I was indeed aware that by raising the license of files that did not change, there would later be two different license versions for a same file; that was also what made me wonder whether it is allowed to raise it.

As the LGPL 2 license included the "or later" and the copyright holder agrees with the change, I am going to also raise the license of the files that did not change.

Many thanks for your help,


On 08/07/2010 01:15 PM, Siegfried-Angel Gevatter Pujals wrote:
> 2010/8/7 Francesco Fumanti<francesco.fumanti at gmx.net>:
>> However, some files of the package did not change since the last
>> release of the package. Thus I wonder whether it is allowed to also
>> update the files that did not change from LGPL 2 to LGPL 3.
> Yeah, sure (assuming that you own the copyright of the files or that
> their license includes the "or later"). But the change won't have
> any real effect until the files change (since people can still get
> them from an older tarball / branch checkout where they still were
> LGPL 2).

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