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Mohammed Amine IL Idrissi wrote on 04/08/10 17:45:
> Sorry for the tiny images. Here they are:
> * update-manager "Repositories" tab:

I think most people, looking at this interface for the first time, would
ask: "What does it mean by 'distribution'?"

It also seems messy to have the same operation (selecting/deselecting)
on very similar items (Ubuntu archives, and other archives) handled at
separate levels (outside a listbox vs. inside).

> * update-manager "Automatic updates" tab:

What is the reason for distinguishing "distribution updates" from "other

> * software-center "Provided by Ubuntu" pane:

Are you suggesting that those checkboxes would be shown all the time?
(Also, "Provided by Ubuntu" and "Commercial software" are mutually

> * software-center PPA/authenticated source pane:

I don't understand what this is showing. Perhaps you could fill in a few
more of the details or a bit more of the context?

> On Wed, Aug 4, 2010 at 4:23 PM, Matthew Paul Thomas <mpt at
> <mailto:mpt at>> wrote:
>> Splitting it into two is an intriguing idea. It looks like the main
>> awkward point would be the download server setting -- that's the thing
>> that's most obviously shared between installations and updates.

I notice that none of your wireframes show where the download server
setting would go. :-)

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