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> If notification area is going to be removed as mentioned in this post,
>, how will
> applications which do not target Ubuntu alone and are not maintained by
> Ubuntu developers work?
> For example, Skype currently places its icon on the notification area.
>  There are also a couple of open-source applications (Exaile for example)
> which use the notification area.  Given the fact that these are written for
> Linux in general and don't target just Ubuntu, why would they adopt the
> Ubuntu way of placing icons, when it won't work on any other distribution?
Because they want the application to be properly integrated with the OS ?
Developers don't need to replace the existing notification area code, they
just need to add support for the integration menus so that will work where
such facility is available.

I am not sure there will be enough interest/manpower to extender all the
current Ubuntu packages to this, most likely the notification are will be an
optional component if you need applications which us it.

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João Luís Marques Pinto
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