no more: SMB, Printer (Cups) and SSH

Michael Kappes michael at
Wed Apr 14 09:18:25 UTC 2010


until yesterday it works all fine. today, no more....

i have a "ebox" (1) server in a privat LAN. (192.168.x.x) and a
desktopPC whit karmic 9.10

after my work yesterday i go to the IRC  to read along the LoCo-DE
"JourFix-Meeting" on freenode

and today, since 08:00h CET i sit on my UBUNTU 9.10 whitout: Printer,

i reboot the server, if i ping server (ebox) -> client (karmic) i have a

i reboot the client, if i ping the server (ebox) from the client:
Destination Host Unreachable

ssh from the client (karmic) to server (ebox) tells: No route to host

but, ssh from server to client works. ssh says: failt to add the host to
the list of known ....

shit, i am cracked?



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