FW: RSS Reader in Lucid

Shane.Nuessler Shane.Nuessler at canberra.edu.au
Fri Apr 9 06:17:06 UTC 2010

Hi Bill,
That's fine, but surely some common services/sources of info can be conveniently brought down via the desktop. I think MeMenu is a great step in this direction, but where are MeRSS feeds?

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In fact, RSS function is included in Firefox.
Best regards,
Bill Lee

Shane.Nuessler 写道:
> Dear Ubuntu Dev’s,
> I’ve added my own RSS reader to the 10.04 beta and I’m wondering why 
> there isn’t an obvious way to subscribe to RSS feeds in 10.04. This is 
> a common method of subscribing to info as you know. I installed yarssr 
> which conveniently adds a panel plugin and warns me of updates to blog 
> feeds. As a use case example, I just want to access my RSS 
> subscriptions from the panel, and I don’t use Evolution for mail or 
> it’s RSS features if it has any.
> Not even Gwibber seems to be able to subscribe to an RSS feed, and my 
> friends and colleagues have blogs that I need to stay up to date with.
> By the way, I’ve put an idea to gnome dev’s that gnome-shell be based 
> on a drag-able layout plugin system. IE, I want to be able to change 
> where things are placed, and I want to be able to add and remove 
> “services” to suit my needs. Shouldn’t the overlay be a customizable 
> space? Maybe I don’t want to see my windows in the overlay. How much 
> space in the overlay could be freed up for other “activities”. Maybe 
> social network activities? In which case I would have a window 
> switcher outside the overlay. Is there only one way people use 
> computers? In my view there should be a layout manager, and everything 
> on the overlay should be a plugin with the option of adding and 
> removing them. I believe this model would also suit any number of 
> monitors, provided the layout manager knew how to work with them.
> Cheers.
> Shane.

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