Update Moodle Package ETA?

Jonathan Carter (highvoltage) jonathan at ubuntu.com
Thu Apr 8 21:25:23 UTC 2010

Hi Nathan

On 07/04/2010 17:22, Nathan Gilmore wrote:
> Do you know if you will have an updated 2.0 package for the fall release
> of Ubuntu, so the 10/10 release version, (or so I assume it will be called)?
> We are running a moodle pilot, (we currently use blackboard) and if the
> faculty end up picking moodle, my hope would be to come up for
> production using 2.0 but I really prefer to use apt-get install for
> linux applications when it is possible.
> Thanks for your time and energy into maintaining the current 1.9.4 release.

Unfortunately, only for the Ubuntu 10.10 (maverick) release. There will 
probably be a backport available for 10.04 (lucid) at some point in the 
backports repository, since it's an lts release.


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