Huge instability and insanely large memory footprint in 9.04

Caroline Ford at
Thu Sep 24 18:58:27 BST 2009

2009/9/18 J. Lennard <lennard90 at>

> Hi list,
> First I'm sorry to write what may appear as a rant, but I hope it is not
> considered so. I'm writing to express huge instability problems in Ubuntu
> 9.04. I migrated from ubuntu 8.04 (386) to ubuntu 9.04 (amd64) using a
> simple clean install.
> While the installation and boot process was blazingly and beautifully fast,
> everything else was a disaster, and I'm not exaggerating.
> First, I'd like to mention that I have *zero* proprietary drivers (nvidia
> blobs, etc) or extensions (flash) installed.
> I don't really know where to start. During past month, my machine
> constantly went to trashing mode where the hard-disk light is constantly on
> and I can't access anything or even swtich to linux console for several
> *minutes*. This has occured more than four times although all I usually run
> is a pdf viewer, an mp3 player, emacs, and firefox with simple html pages
> (not even gmail, flash, etc).
> I can't really understand how this can happen. Several times, and after a
> day or two of use, firefox, with *one* simple html tab open took 340+ MBs;
> that's insane. Evince took 120MB while only a single pdf file was open. Even
> Xorg was taking RAM around a hundread megabyte.[1]
> The final result? a machine constantly thrashing and basically unusable. I
> ran this on a core2 laptop with a full 1GB of ram. How come the experience
> is SO bad in supposedly a *stable* distro?
> The second problem is that the GUI is *really* slow, and I use *zero*
> visual effects. Switching between workspaces is very sluggish where I see
> parts of firefox in my audacious window for about half a second while
> switching between workspaces. Switching between applications (alt+tab) is
> not smooth at all.
> You don't have enough RAM. 1 GB is pretty low by today's standards. You may
be happier with xubuntu on a lower spec machine, but as you've got a fast
CPU then you should get more RAM as it is a clear bottleneck.

You may be happier without compiz at all - but your system will run a lot
better if you sort your RAM problem out.

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