Regression in getting fully translated Ubuntu installation - what to do for karmic?

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Thu Sep 24 08:20:33 UTC 2009

El dc 23 de 09 de 2009 a les 08:52 +0300, en/na Timo Jyrinki va
> Hi,
> CC:ing ubuntu-translators just to get interested people on-board, no
> need to continue CC:ing.
> Please look at
> - do you think I'm missing something, can the report be refined? The
> new way of handling supporting translations, writing aids etc. moves
> them from package dependencies to language-selector. However, it means
> that new installations of Ubuntu do not get the full language support
> at install time, even when connected to Internet. My previous guidance
> for those reading an installation guide has been to enable Internet
> connection before starting the installer to get eg. Finnish support.
> describes the user
> should get a notification after installation. First of all, I tested
> it and it seems non-functional at the moment (a bug on its own).
> Secondly, I do strongly think it's not enough - for example 50% of the
> users could easily not be interested at the one-time popup, forgetting
> about it - but they will run into a bad Ubuntu experience once they
> are in a situation of lacking a spell-checker for example, or reading
> English documentation.
> Also, it does not seem Ubuntu tools currently are very error-proof in
> case of lacking an Internet connection - they will simply fail and no
> new notifications (or guiding to connect to Internet) are given.
> To match Ubuntu 9.04 functionality, I think Ubuntu installer should
> call language-selector to install full language support at the
> installation time, if the Internet connection is available. This would
> result in a similar behavior to 9.04, with the pop-up being there to
> hopefully help those who didn't enable the Internet connection (there
> is no guidance for it when starting from the Live CD).
> Besides "am I correct or could you refine the bug report", I'm
> interested in against which packages the bug should be filed? Is it a
> a) bug against language-selector (to have some silent "--fix-missing"
> to be used by the installer), b) bug against installer (launch
> language-selector, silent or not), c) bug against update-manager (I
> would like to have more than just one pop-up about installing full
> support - for example, update-manager could completely automatically
> download full support together with the first updates for a single
> time), d) bug report against The Whole World (language-selector +
> lang-pack-o-matic changes + ...) since the problem appeared in the
> first place? If you know the answer or part of it, please go ahead and
> refine the bug.
> I'm also interested if these were thought about during creation of the
> Karmic language-selector blueprint? The popup notification is not
> enough IMHO, and it wasn't enough in 9.04 either. But especially as
> the situation is now worse in 9.10 than it was in 9.04, can we bring
> it to 9.04 level somehow? After that, we might think how to actually
> make it Just Work for lucid (I'm thinking about guiding the user by
> hand to connect to Internet etc).
> -Timo

Hi Timo,

Thanks a lot for the great analysis and bug report.

Arne has started a related discussion originating from your post in the
ubuntu-devel list as well [1], so I just thought I should forward it
here too.



David Planella
Ubuntu Translations Coordinator

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