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2009/9/20 Sense Hofstede <sense at>

> Hello,
> Recently Brian Murray asked for more Apport hooks to be added to as many
> packages as possible,[0] because of the choice for Apport as the preferred
> way to report bugs. (For more information, have a look at the QATeam spec
> [1])
> The move away from the web interface ought to make our lives easier because
> now more relevant information is (going to be) attached to bug reports,
> reducing the length of the correspondence, making bug triaging and fixing
> more efficient. However, if we want to have the full benefit of the
> possibilities Apport gives us, we need to do some work.
> High-profile packages probably will get Apport hooks in time for the Karmic
> release, but there are many more packages that could benefit from both hooks
> and symptoms. I therefore suggest to set up an operation that makes sure we
> do give as many packages as possible a nice hook.
> What should this operation do? The idea is to create an 'apport-hook' tag,
> report bugs against all packages (that don't have a hook yet) and start
> watching the bugs. Then we can write hooks and watch the tag for bugs that
> have a proper one attached. The Bugsquad could do the buggy part of the
> task, the MOTU and Ubuntu Developers can afterwards add the hooks to the
> packages (and help writing them).
> If we'd get the greatest part of our archive to have Apport hooks, it'll be
> much easier for us to cope with the many bug reports that inevitably are
> going to come when Karmic is released and we'd be able to learn how to deal
> with those kind of bug reports before the LTS will be there.
> But I'm thinking about this with an upstream hat on and I'm not sure what
use an apport hook would be to us. The hook is used to add other files to
the bug report as I understand it. We don't actually have any other files
we'd like to look at,

I don't want my bugs to be disregarded or downgraded because we don't need a


(wearing tuxpaint hat)
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