Acer 4920g with 4gb 667mhz Kingston

Ömer Faruk AK omerfarukak at
Wed Sep 2 06:08:37 UTC 2009

i have upgrade my laptop to 4 gb ram capacity. Then my ubuntu is failed.
When it's starting it gives me some error about to check my partition with
manual fsck, then my files are lost. And i reinstalled ubuntu for many
But its failed again and again...
My ubuntu version was 64bit 9.04.
Then i tired about reinstalling after many times...
So i changed my software to 64-bit Vista home premium, now i want to come
bak to linux but i'm afraid about failures..
I'm thinking about using pardus, but i'm ambivalent..
Sorry for my bad english..

Ömer Faruk AK
faruk at
555 557 12 45
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