Ubuntu-devel-discuss Digest, Vol 34, Issue 4

Randy Appleton rappleto at nmu.edu
Wed Sep 30 18:46:59 UTC 2009

>> Does anyone really have 1000 icons on their desktop?
> Yes, this can happen.


> Regarding boot times ... I'm not sure why this is interesting. The
> best goal would be to make it unneccessary to boot/reboot a machine
> at all.

I agree.  However, in my life I'm constant switching between Linux
(doing real work) and Windows(teaching low level classes to
non-majors).  For a server, boot times are only important in that they
put a limit on how fast you can come back from a problem.   For a
laptop, it seems important to me, but probably less so than
return-from-hibernation.  But I'm asking for advise.

Is there anything else I should measure?  Here is my current list,
updated with the suggestions I have received.

- Time to boot
- Time to resume from sleep/hibernate
- Time to login from the login prompt
- Time to find a file using  the default search tool
- Time to load a large document in OpenOffice
- Time to view a folder with 1,000 documents in it.
- Time to view a folder with 1,000 documents in it for the first time
      (no icons premade, like a memory stick from a camera)
- Time to load a complex web page
- Time to check if the distribution is up to date
- Number of files installed by default
- Number of megabytes installed by default.

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