Modem Manager Dev Package

Tormod Volden lists.tormod at
Thu Sep 24 08:47:45 UTC 2009

Kevin Fries <kfries <at>> writes:
> The README file for modem manager makes reference to a command line python
program that demonstrates the
> D-BUS API to manipulate the modems.  It also makes mention of a couple of
generic classes that can be used to
> create custom modem classes for your 3G device... AWESOME, exactly what I
want... Problem, these files do
> not exist in the main package.  So I looked for a dev package, and could not
find one of those either.  Does
> anyone know where the dev resources are so that we can point some programmers
at it?
> Thanks

By "dev package" you mean the package sources? In general you can get the
sources for any binary package using: apt-get source <package>

In this case you can also browse the upstream git repository at


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