Minutes from the Technical Board meeting, 2009-09-22

Timo Jyrinki timo.jyrinki at gmail.com
Wed Sep 23 08:49:01 UTC 2009

2009/9/22 Jordan Mantha <laserjock at ubuntu.com>:
>>   * Based on feedback all around, it was agreed that it is still early
>>     for sun-java6 to be dropped.  However, it was not yet clear if
>>     responsibility for the package should be changed.
>>   * ACTION: kees to drive sun-java6 email thread and get resolution on
>>     responsibility
> Would it help if ubuntu-restricted-extras was icedtea6-plugin |
> sun-java6-plugin instead of sun-java6-plugin | icedtea6-plugin ? I'm
> guessing a whole lot of sun-java6 installations are from people, like
> me, who just install ubuntu-restricted-extras and don't think about
> specifically what Java VM is on my machine.

Then again, what would be there restricted anymore? Maybe Java should
simply be removed from ubuntu-restricted-extras altogether, and
OpenJDK would be installed automatically (or automatically as needed,
similar to I guess the extra OpenOffice.org components)? At least when
it's seen suitable, ie. no big regressions.

And further about restricted-extras, is it truly that the MS-replacing
fonts from liberation and wine projects couldn't be installed by
default nowadays, getting rid of the MS ttf font installer also as it
would not be needed for majority of cases? Not that I'd have ever
installed it myself ever, but apparently some/many tend to install it.
But is it nowadays more of a habit than a real need?

After that restricted-extras would be simply limited to
patent-encumbered media formats and adobe's flash plugin, which I'd
prefer to offering so much possibly-(soon?-)not-really-relevant other
restricted stuff for the meta package installers.


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