Ubuntu Domain Server

Derek Broughton derek at pointerstop.ca
Fri Oct 30 18:28:04 UTC 2009

Chan Chung Hang Christopher wrote:

> /me wonders if mom and pop in general will understand the stuff
> below...and not enable an exploitable php module/formmail.cgi/remember
> to update to security fixed packages. Best make this for zee sysadmin.

<sigh>  They _are_ they sysadmin.  Like it or not.  And yes, they'll enable 
an exploitable module - but they'll do that whether you make it hard for 
them or not.  If you won't give them the tools, they'll just google for an 
answer, take the first one they find - safe or not - and throw it in.  If it 
appears to work, that's _all_ they'll care about.  If you give them the 
tools, they won't be able to enable modules that you don't bless.  Of 
course, the modules shipped with Ubuntu may be exploitable too, and we can't 
force anybody to keep their system up-to-date, 

As for whether they'll understand - that's what the tool is for, to make it 
_possible_ for them to understand.  The people you would aim such a tool at 
certainly don't have a clue about virtual hosts, but they do know that 
they're running multiple domains and can't figure out how to make them both 
listen on port 80.
>> I'm actually doing this, in a non-generic way, for a site I administer,
>> specifically because I don't consider it worth my time to do it
>> repetitively.
> in python-gtk/qt4? :-D

Python and bash.  Currently it's just a collection of scripts without the 

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