Broken session idling/power management in Karmic

Jeff web.kiddo at
Wed Oct 28 03:45:22 UTC 2009

There seems to be a set of very irritating regressions in Karmic (well,
gnome 2.28.0) regarding session idling or power management inhibition.
Core software such as eog and totem seem to break it. In the case at
hand, your screen will never blank, never lock, and your IM will never
be set to away (and never autosuspend either). There may be other broken
software in different ways (Transmission? Browsers? Haven't tested).

I filed a bug report in launchpad, with 3 companions bug reports
upstream in totem, eog and gnome-screensaver. Upstream eog and
gnome-screensaver have not yet replied.

I consider these regressions to be particularly bad from the
desktop/laptop user point of view. I feel a bit hopeless as I am not one
to code patches for such things, and I don't know if there's anything
else I should do other than wait and hope for a miraculous fix (since we
are what, 2 days from release now?).

And to be honest, I'm a bit baffled that core gnome apps can let "crap"
like this slip through... I mean, there was roughly a whole year of
transitional period to get this right, since the "gnome-power-manager
inhibition is transferred to gnome-session" switch was announced a long
time ago, and gnome-power-manager proxied the behavior for the 2.26
series and (as planned) deprecated that API in 2.28 (so apps must only
interface with gnome-session... or gnome-screensaver, it seems). 

Proper session management is critical in
- The computer's power management routines to work properly
- The "presence" to work properly for instant messaging (and a ton of
other stuff)

Is there hope for this to be fixed in karmic? 
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