Ubuntu Domain Server

Derek Broughton derek at pointerstop.ca
Mon Oct 26 12:21:13 UTC 2009

Dotan Cohen wrote:

>> I agree that all networks should be managed by an experienced
>> administrator, but unfortunately a lot of them aren't. We can't change
>> that. Many businesses just want something that works and is easy to
>> manage, even if there are "issues" such as no backups. The target
>> audience is the general public, and the general public isn't going to
>> know how to configure servers using a CLI. They want something simple
>> that gets the job done, and they're who we need to cater for.
> Then when these inexperienced "admins" screw up, who will be to blame?
> Ubuntu, naturally, fo not making ABC or XYZ intuitive, obvious, or
> easy.
> Why not have a GUI program that performs brain surgery? That rebuilds
> Ford smallblocks? That gives legal advice? Some jobs require a
> professional, and making them "accessible" does nobody any good.

I completely disagree.  There's no theoretical reason why a computer program 
couldn't do any of the above.  "Professionals" are primarily required to 
protect professionals' jobs.  In practice, computers can't actually do any 
of those jobs _yet_, though it probably wouldn't be beyond current 
capability to have them rebuild engines or provide good legal advice (at 
least in any precedent-based legal system).  I certainly believe that UIs 
can be built that can do a better job of system and network administration 
than the average person currently doing those jobs, and it really doesn't 
matter how much you, or anybody else, thinks that those jobs _should_ be 
done by professionals - it isn't going to happen.  Right or wrong, companies 
don't believe in paying professional rates for administrative work.

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