cancel the 9.10 release... it is not ready

Daniel Chen seven.steps at
Mon Oct 26 11:29:23 UTC 2009

(Sorry for top-posting; bad MTA)

Have you filed any bugs WRT PA and mpd? AFAICT, those issues are integration
ones, not anything at fault in PA, and there are several workarounds
allowing a user to output to PA through mpd.

As for Adobe Flash, there is anecdotal "evidence" that nspluginwrapper is
causing issues. If you're on i386, try using adobe-flashplugin (from the
partner repository) instead of flashplugin-installer (you'd need to purge
this latter package). If you're on amd64, try using the native 64-bit alpha
refresh from Adobe's web site instead of flashplugin-installer.

Finally, without additional initialization information from PA, we can't
diagnose why your sound devices aren't being recognized by PA. Please see .

Thanks again for helping improve Ubuntu!


On Oct 26, 2009 7:08 AM, "Dirk Hoeschen" <mail at> wrote:

Hi all,

I am using Ubuntu since 3 Years. I would consider
myself as a advanced linux-user and professional software developer.

Just to check the new version, I migrated two 9.4 Systems to 9.10
and installed a Karmic Beta on a fresh system.

Now (3 days before the release) karmic seems to be unready.
Even if the system is stable, I found many bugs and inconsistent

On several systems there are error messages with timeouts.
"waiting for /disk/uuid/23wefsdfsdtgqweqrqwe" or so.
When the ugly white ubuntu logo disappears i get some normal
status messages and the the screen gets dark for 15 Seconds
until dark and unfriendly login screen appears. After all...
I have the imagination, that the boot process is not faster.

The user dialogs for several subsystems are not ready yet. For example...
the old dialogs for setting detailed user rights or changing the welcome
screen are not included.

On two systems with Nvidia cards, the hardware detection tells me
that no proprietary drivers are needed. Nvidia drivers must be
installed by hand.

The greatest mess is pulseausio. Usually I uninstall pulseaudio.
Otherwise I can not use mpd and flash crashes randomly.
In Karmic pulsaudio seems to be even more buggy.
Eample: I have a realtek onboard soundcard and an a USB headset.
Alsa seems to initialize both cards correctly.
But pulseaudio randomly detects sometimes only one card, both cards
or no card at all. Why don't you use alsa by default?

I really like to persuade people to use ubuntu. But as long
as it looks unready it will strengthen their opinion, that linux
is only for nerds. Pleas learn your lesson from the debian
community and release a new version only if its ready.

regards... Dirk

Dossestraße 6
10247 Berlin
Tel.: 030 39 20 56 21
Mobil. 0151 20 500 462
Fax: 030 39 20 56 22

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