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Chan Chung Hang Christopher christopher.chan at bradbury.edu.hk
Sun Oct 25 15:59:31 UTC 2009

Caroline Ford wrote:
> On 25 Oct 2009, at 15:09, Dotan Cohen <dotancohen at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> Or puts them out of a job?
>> Likely we are talking about a small business here, so the decision
>> maker might be the top of the organization's food chain. But it might
>> get him sued, and thus out of a business. If it is a sole
>> proprietorship, it might put him out of a house too.
> I meant the sysadmins complaining about making system administration 
> easier, and possibly "deskilled".
> If you feed yourself through Linux system administration you have an 
> interest in it being inaccessible.

Hahhaha. I am hired for my skills and knowledge, not for creating a 
system that nobody knows how to work. You have heard of outsourcing 
right? Well, they are welcome to replace me with any company since that 
leaves them with far more support than they would get if I get run over 
by a bus. I wonder why they do not do that though. BTW, I have Turk 
friend who has been using Linux and also been writing an inhouse system 
for the company he works for. Some young chap joined the senior 
management with his head full of theories and got the entire first 
generation of managers that built the company to leave whether by firing 
or harassing them. He is also gunning for my Turk friend. Ever since 
this chap got in, the IT budget has ballooned with the introduction of 
Microsoft software (for which you can pick any random person of the 
street to administer) it appears that soon he will be able to tell my 
friend to leave with an outsourcing arrangement. The implementators of 
Microsoft Dynamics took one look at my friend's inhouse system and asked 
whether he was selling it. Oh, btw, that uber expensive Microsoft 
Dynamics system crashes on a regular basis whereas the inhouse system 
had no problems at all. I have recently been given an extra hand. Do you 
know what I will be doing with him. Once the current list of big jobs 
are done and things have settled down, I will doing skills transfer 
because that is what I love doing as I used to be a Linux instructor at 
an adult computer training centre.

If the school can find some random person better than me at my job, they 
can very well hire him or her. When I joined the school, the previous 
predecessor had already been gone for a month. I had to get in there and 
work out all the rubbish that was setup by him and his predecessors and 
get things ship shape. BTW, the school is a Microsoft shop. I introduced 
Linux and OpenSolaris to get things ship shape. You can guess what kind 
of system administrators they previously had. I'd call them paper MCSEs 
(of which I was one, I almost got my MCSE (later NT 4.0 track) 
certificate a month after justing attending a two week crash course for 
MCSE certification by successfully passing 4 required exams and an 
elective soon after and I had never had an IT job prior to that crash 
course) but hey, I would have been just like them if I had actually got 
a Windows related job and not a string of Linux related jobs for the 
next decade or so.

For your information, Linux savvy companies tend to have IT heads who 
know their stuff. You cannot make the systems inaccessible to them. You 
also do not have to worry about them looking for and hiring some random 
idiot off the street. As for companies like the ones my Turk friend 
works for, they are more than welcome to put us out of a job and pay 
through the nose for Microsoft rubbish. If they do not appreciate just 
how much we are saving them and how much productivity we give them, we 
do not want to work for them. But you bet that there is no way I am 
going to support the stupid idea of empowering those who are not 
qualified. Why do we have driver's/plumber's/electrician's 
permits/licenses? They should likewise be system administrator's 
permits/licenses. (Now I am really showing a vested interest in making 
system administration inaccessible - to those who should not be system 
administrators in the first place)

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