Ubuntu Domain Server

Chan Chung Hang Christopher christopher.chan at bradbury.edu.hk
Sat Oct 24 12:18:31 UTC 2009

Kevin Fries wrote:
>> Although it seems that the first topic to discuss is how the uid/gid system
>> can be changed or mapped to support local and domain accounts
>> (forgive me if I'm not using the correct terminology).
>> -Ryan
> I mentioned this the other day, and other than a few people making off line comments indicating that they had never heard of the product, my suggestion of GOsa got completely ignored.  While not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, I think it solves the problem that is being acknowledged here, without being mentioned.  That problem is that end users (despite lack of proper education), want to feel like they are in control.  That is easily obtained if you just twist your thinking a little, and take a look at GOsa.

I do not think it does. This 'domain' thing essentially means that you 
will accept the authority of another user accounts database. Just 
putting things in ldap does not mean you have such a system in place. 
There is currently no such provision.

> GOsa is a glorified LDAP editor.  A shiny, pretty, drop dead easy to use LDAP editor.  It is the Debian equivalent to the Apple directory services.  And it is already in the Ubuntu repositories.
> With GOsa, you can allow your end users to add accounts, email, ftp access, SAMBA access, etc, without actually giving them access to the actual system.  Admins should always handle the big stuff, such as firewalls, and whatnot.  But managers want to state who has access to the VPN... Enter GOsa.  Store that stuff in LDAP, and allow the end user to feel like they are driving, while the admin actually deals with the much more difficult job of configuring the software.
> I will repeat again... Look at GOsa, it is exactly what you guys have been asking for.

It is not exactly what Ryan is looking for but it sure fits the bill for 
most of what I would like to see. Just needs a little bit of extension I 
suspect to support everything that I have been dreaming about.

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