Ubuntu Domain Server

Chan Chung Hang Christopher christopher.chan at bradbury.edu.hk
Wed Oct 21 13:13:23 UTC 2009

Shentino wrote:
> I can't very well speak as a "heavy iron" type server administrator but as
> an "end user peon", so to speak, I have found that GUIs add convenience, and
> in many cases "point and click" is faster and more convenient than doing
> everything on a command line.  Doubly so if due to a caffeine shortage I'm a
> bit of a sloppy typist.
> My two cents.

You obviously have not tried to 'point and click' a few dozen iterations 
while installing and configuring a Windows computer. That is 
INCONVENIENT and takes AGES. Although it is not command line, I use 
keyboard shortcuts to speed up the process. Alt-N, Alt-A, Alt-I for 
installing dotnetfx for example. No way you can beat the keyboard. Even 
better if you can use command line switches to forego the entire process 
of "point and click". A command line version asking 'Y/N' is just as 
likely to be faster than any point and click too.

This whole GUI for administration business is a complete sham imho and 
only serves the needs of paper MCSEs or whatever they call the latest 
version of certificates from Microsoft. These guys need to LEARN MORE 
whether they will continue administer Windows or move to Linux.

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