Reviving the Marketing Team (yet again!) with a focus on simple activism

Danny Piccirillo danny.piccirillo at
Wed Oct 21 05:30:19 UTC 2009

Cross-posting just to get the word out.

Many lengthy and interesting discussions have come up about what to do with
the Marketing Team. Ultimately, it comes down to how motivated people are to
create their own projects under the team. Just like any other LoCo, this
depends on individual involvement, but i don't want to start yet another
discussion on this.
I merely wanted to propose changing or adding to the scope of the team to
include general activism. Dropping all focus on marketing probably isn't
going to be any better, not to mention that just like marketing, activism is
also something done by local community teams, BUT *adding* simple activism
to the scope of this team, might give the team more purpose and drive up
activity in other areas. Yes, marketing Ubuntu *is* activism, but i'm
talking about officially recognizing general FOSS activism as one of the
functions of the team.

The mailing list can be used to share ideas for activism and pass on things
like this *open letter to Obama in support of FOSS* (reddit link: original link:
If you're in support of this idea, just pass on any simple actions you come
across to the list. There's also this nifty activism guide:

All the best!

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