Ubuntu Domain Server

Martin Owens doctormo at gmail.com
Tue Oct 20 16:12:08 UTC 2009

Am 20.10.2009 um 11:26 schrieb Michael Zoet:
> I think it is a big mistake to believe server administration is  
> easy when
> you have a GUI.

Servers are easier to administrate when you have education, easy tool
use is useful. But broad sweeping statements like "GUI for the win" is
not accurate.

I'd just be happy with some UI design attention given to the command
line. You know how difficult the find command is to intuitively use.

On Tue, 2009-10-20 at 08:18 -0700, George Farris wrote:
> This is certainly true and while I'm a command line guy, have been for
> years, it is very difficult to keep up with changes in command line
> tools as things come and go.  This is where the GUI shines.  Just look
> at all the wealth of information out there about how to configure LDAP
> for example.  If you Google for this you will end up with much that is
> just plain wrong.  Again this is where the GUI really shines.

The OpenLDAP documentation problem is that it will go wrong a lot of the
time and many, many howtos will not cover these problems. Not only that
but the majority fail to cover basic conceptual ideas first. So they're
great how-tos (if they work) but not so good educational tools.


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