Ubuntu Domain Server

Michael Zoet Michael.Zoet at zoet.de
Tue Oct 20 09:26:28 UTC 2009

> Hi everyone,
> What are your thoughts on having a server product that competes with
> Windows
> Server? Something which has a GUI, is very easy to manage and works best
> with Ubuntu workstations.

Such topics pop up every now and then on various Ubuntu mailinglists.

I think it is a big mistake to believe server administration is easy when
you have a GUI. I have seen a lot of small companies networks where they
used Windows and had no admin because everything is so easy... Most of
them even had no working backup...
In my opinion most companies need admins with knowledge, not another GUI
people can misconfigure their networks.


> I believe targeting this market is the key to having Ubuntu take over the
> desktop. Businesses will use Ubuntu servers and workstations if there are
> great benefits over Windows equivalents. This results in everyday
> employees
> experiencing Ubuntu at work, which leads to Ubuntu being used at home.

Ubuntu is already installed in various companies, institution and at home.
Why do you think the market share will increase if there is a server GUI?
I think Ubuntu should improve the software that is already there and do
"information marketing" on how advanced Ubuntu is. And that it works great
in most situations. As Desktop and server, at home and in companies.

By the way: there are already a lot of GUIs for various admin tasks. You
only need to install them.


> Please reply with your thoughts.

I will never understand why a server GUI would improve anything? If you
are (also) in Windows system administration you know that a GUI has it's
limitations. And even good Windows admins know how to write Windows
scripts for automation and need to read a lot of documentation. Knowledge
is one of the most important things for a system administrator. Doing
things on the command line in Ubuntu gives you the chance to get this

But that's just my IMHO.

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