File perms on console login

Shentino shentino at
Tue Oct 20 08:46:42 UTC 2009

Hey all, new member here.  Using ubuntu on my desktop since Feisty after
Fedora crapped out due to a bad driver.
Anyway, to get straight to the chase...

One issue that's been a thorn in my side is dealing with file perms while
logging in on console.

Somewhat recently I uploaded a workaround patch to mc to allow cons.saver to
access /dev/vcsa* as needed.

But that begs the question of what I think is a larger issue.

What package, if any, has the responsibility of updating file permissions on
/dev/vcs(|a)X when you login on ttyX?

My guess would be something that hooks in with PAM but I could be completely
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