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Onno Benschop onno at itmaze.com.au
Tue Oct 20 07:43:24 UTC 2009

On 20/10/09 15:24, Ryan Dwyer wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> What are your thoughts on having a server product that competes with
> Windows Server? Something which has a GUI, is very easy to manage and
> works best with Ubuntu workstations.
> It could have benefits over Windows, such as:
> - Ability to store disk images on the server, then boot workstations
> with a live CD and image them in just a few minutes. That way your
> workstation is already configured with the software your business uses.
> - Ability to audit information automatically. Ubuntu workstations
> could send the output of lshw and dpkg -l to the server, which keeps
> track of it all. Auditing is important in every business. I don't know
> of any automated way to do this in Windows without paying for third
> party software.
> - Ability to run commands on all/selected workstations, such as
> installing new software. The server could connect to Ubuntu
> workstations using SSH or through a network agent.
> My theory is that people trying Ubuntu Server are probably Windows
> administrators and find it daunting that there's no GUI. If they don't
> turn away then, they turn away when they discover there's 48 chapters
> of Samba documentation to read through just to get a functional domain
> server. Very few administrators would see this as a viable replacement
> for their Windows server.
> I believe targeting this market is the key to having Ubuntu take over
> the desktop. Businesses will use Ubuntu servers and workstations if
> there are great benefits over Windows equivalents. This results in
> everyday employees experiencing Ubuntu at work, which leads to Ubuntu
> being used at home.
> Someone created a wiki page with similar ideas but it appears to have
> been abandoned: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDomainManagementServer
> Please reply with your thoughts.
> -Ryan
I think this is a fantastic notion.

I think that EduBuntu does most if not all of this.

I think that if we could build a drop in Domain Controller that also
speaks to Windows machines, we'd be on a winner.

Many years ago (when I was still running Debian), I wrote an article
about this: http://itmaze.com.au/articles/cio/

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