how to apply a patch to glibc and build it?

skar skar.karthikeyan at
Tue Oct 13 09:02:58 UTC 2009

Lars Wirzenius wrote:
> ma, 2009-10-12 kello 11:29 +0530, skar kirjoitti:
>> The question is, how do I build glibc sources with my patch using the 
>> "debuild" command?
> This should work, if I remember correctly:
> apt-get source libc6
> cd glibc-whatever
> debian/rules patch
> ... make your changes
> debuild
Thanks, that indeed gets me the source tree under build-tree with all 
the patches applied. However, running "debuild" rm -rf's the build-tree 
and unzips it again.

However, I've found a way. I added my diff file to the 
debian/patches/i386/ dir and added the diff file to the 
debian/patches/series file under the i386 list and now running debuild 
unpacks, then applies patches including my own patch and it builds fine :)

Still, I've got 2 other problems.
1) How do I make debuild use "make -j5" since I've got a quad core 
machine and it's using only one cc process.
2) It builds i386 libc+locales, then proceeds to build i386-686 
libc+locales. Can I instead force it to build for only i386-686, which I 
presume will work on any machine released within the last 3 years?

Thanks once again for your response.


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