Pulse audio

Null Ack nullack at gmail.com
Thu Oct 8 02:28:49 UTC 2009

Hi Lukas,

I dont think the ordinary user cares about PulseAudio or other
internal components to their desktops. They just want audio to work.

The problem that I see is not so much about internal components, but
is about failures in:

1. Not delivering reliable audio experiences in production releases of Ubuntu
2. A breakdown in the development process where my bug reports and
others bug reports remain unresolved, and largely unanswered, except
for bug spam messages like "I have this too" and "I think this might
be related to buy XYZ".

Right now my Audigy 2 card crackles / pops unless I disable mixers in
alsamixer, where I then loose some sounds. I accept that in a dev
cycle these things will happen, and thats the reason I contribute my
time with testing, but I find the audio bugs go on without resolution
from previous cycle experiences. When I try to use it in applications,
say warzone2100 I find the sound a garbled inaudible mess. Since bug
reports dont seem to be effective, I've tried to get discussion going
on if I could take the problems upstream or if they were Ubuntu
specific problems but that was also left unanswered.

Other bugs in other internal components are actively resolved during
the dev cycle so I think the issues are about a lack of capability in
the audio space for Ubuntu.

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