Default vfat file permissions - why executable?

Ethan Baldridge ethan at
Wed Oct 7 22:03:20 UTC 2009

Either way - but I'm pretty sure the current version of the Loki Installer making the rounds still installs to ~/bin by default (for single-user install). I was just rolling with the status quo there. :)

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> But those still put an executable or a symlink into one of /usr/local/bin || /opt/bin || /usr/local/games (or /usr/bin, even though they shouldn't) when installed system-wide. When installed for a single user the binary goes into his $HOME/bin (which I don't think is in the default $PATH on install, but I would argue that it probably should be, at least for uid>=1000).

I agree with this in its entirety apart from using ~/bin for user's executables. I think ~/.local/bin makes more sense and is neater. I suppose this is a matter of taste though.


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