Default vfat file permissions - why executable?

Brian Vidal dael99 at
Tue Oct 6 21:22:49 UTC 2009

On Tue, 06 Oct 2009 16:53:30 -0400, Jeff Hanson <jhansonxi at>  

> It's the design of the Wine
> integration that makes it too easy to create "readme.txt" binaries
> that install malware.

I can't agree more. The current solution it not even a smart approach.

Why not just use xdg-open by default.

AND if a user wants to run or install an application, he must use a  
context-menu subitem.

for example:

a .bin file is recognized (Karmic beta) as a Mac OSX binary. So, if I want  
to install this i need to rename it to or just file.
Fron the windows world, all of our migrating users are used to have a  

So, if i want to execute my .bin file (which doesn't even have a "Do you  
want to execute me?" dialog would be very pleasnt to have an option in the  
context menu like (Execute this) and when triagged just executes the  

This would come very handy when install wine applications, users will be  
adviced that they need to select "Execute" from the contextual menu.

I say this as a temporal patch, since the right solution would be using  
the file extension (rather than magic number).

Hope this could be achieved.

So, for the case a "readme.txt" executable file is founded, it would be  
opened with gedit, and the user will see only trash.

Simply and pretty.

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