Experiences on using the alternate amd64 install daily CD

C de-Avillez hggdh2 at ubuntu.com
Thu Oct 1 22:22:46 UTC 2009

For the record, this is the CD available on cdimages.ubuntu.com, dated of
20090929-2. This was the latest daily CD this morning (US-CDT time).

A brief introduction.

My laptop has been going through version upgrades since Hardy; I have been
running Karmic on it since pretty much the start. From last Monday I started
having serious issues with the system, and this morning I decided it was
high time for me to format the system partitions, and reinstall Karmic. The
disk is partitioned as follows:

sda1 - Dell diagnostics partition, FAT16, around 50M.
sda2 - /boot, 1G
sda3 - swap, 5G
sda4 - LVM, rest of the disk.

Under LVM we have:


All of these are logical partitions under LVM.

I decided to format /, /usr/, /var, /tmp, and /home. /opt, /srv, and
/usr/src would be maintained, and I carefully saved what I wanted from /home
into /usr/src (I did not have access to any other media this week, and I
need the system).

Then, to install. Again, this is the alternate install for ADM64.

Booted the CD, no problems, went into partitioning.

Prob #1: my /opt, /var, and /usr/src are original ext3, upgraded to ext4. So
I got the following issues:
#1.1 If I mark the partitions above as EXT4 -- which they are --, they are
marked as needing formatting.
#1.2 if I mark the partitions above as EXT3 -- which they are *NOT* -- they
are not marked as needing formatting, but fail to validate at the end of

Bypass to #1.1 and #1.2: do not mount the partitions during install. I do
not know, yet, what will happen *after* the install.

Prob #2: I wanted to encrypt only two of the partitions, /home and swap. So,
when I was done setting up the parttions I went into encryption, and marked
BOTH /home and swap to be encrypted. I then got prompted for the encryption
key for /home *ONLY*. Gave it, and got to an error screen stating swap was
not encrypted, so the install could not go on.

After a series of tries, I found I would be able to encrypt the swap only
(a) mark the swap as whatever other type of FS. I chose FAT32;
(b) write the partition;
(c) go back to partition, mark the swap as swap, then select to encrypt it.

This *would* be a bypass, but during this process the installer lost track
of the /home partition, and I was then warned that the partition that would
be /home was not mounted on any mount point.

Prob #3: if you mark a partition for encryption you CANNOT edit or change
the mount point.
Bypass: reboot, start from scratch, do NOT select any partitions to be

Right now I do not know how the tale will end. I am still installing. But I
wonder if I will lose my partitions I wanted to keep. Please do not waste
time stating "this is alpha", etc, etc. I know. I know the risk I was
running in. It is worth noting, though, that this is the first time since
Hardy that I can lose an existing partition.

I will open bugs on these if they are considered real issues.


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