Install Wizard 'Looks Too Complicated'

John Moser john.r.moser at
Mon Nov 30 23:15:37 UTC 2009

Matt Wheeler wrote:
> 2009/11/30 John Moser <john.r.moser at>:
> Mainly just the bad press that Ubuntu would get as a result. Can you
> imagine the headlines there would be? "Ubuntu operating system hacks
> Windows computers"

Agreed on marketing, though again I tend to not care.  It doesn't send 
information back anywhere and presents itself as a fairly useless tool 
for extracting the information to the human operator, this is just a 
useful feature.

> Technically speaking other tools are not "just as accessible" - who
> else ships out free live CDs?

Download and burn is easier than mail to my house 5 months from now...

> Again, while I have no problems with such tools being available, and
> find them useful, I think it would be a bad move for such a public
> distro such as Ubuntu to start including such tools by default, purely
> from a marketing point of view. There's no way you're going to get “It
> can be used to test how secure my network is” to fly with even most
> tech press, let alone mainstream media.

Oh, that example was more for a technical argument.  Although I like to 
publicly hammer brokenness, and shipping a network-manager-cracker in 
the repos would pretty much do just that; shipping it by default would 
make even the most basic "low hanging fruit" argument about how "WEP 
makes you more secure than plaintext" visibly moot.

I can't actually see how this would be garnering bad press, aside from 
the business end (who wants the liability?)

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