Ubuntu Domain Server

Christopher Chan christopher.chan at bradbury.edu.hk
Mon Nov 23 00:32:06 UTC 2009

> Deciding that those defaults actually would be is another kettle of 
> fish entirely and I surmise that a democratic process of some sort, 
> perhaps brainstorm, would be a good way to settle this inherently 
> political section.

That can of worms has to be opened and emptied. The one single problem 
about adopting 'Linux' has pretty much been a lack of a uniform standard 
whether it comes to administration or programming. We can thank the 
Linux kernel developers for contributing to this with their 'moving 
target interfaces' mantra too. I guess we can sigh with relief that at 
least with respects to office software, there is more or less one 
standard - Openoffice and ODF.

> Finally, I think it's fair to give MS its due here.  Whether by fair 
> means or foul, MS has a commanding presence in the market and we 
> simply have to accept that as the way things currently are.  Any 
> meaningful effort to get market share away from MS needs to be able to 
> successfully accomodate the windows users and help them migrate, at 
> least long enough for them to get the feel for "The Linux Way (tm)".
> People used to Windows that are trying out Ubuntu anything for the 
> first time are from their point of view venturing into uncharted waters.

Those same people ventured into uncharted waters before getting used to 
Windows. You bet that they were quite happy to do the same when they 
bought their Mac. Of course, if we take the server side angle, it would 
be a whole different story. Users are probably more willing to learn 
something new than a certain breed of Microsoft administrators that is 
forever implied at here.

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