Here lies the responsiblity

George Farris farrisg at
Wed Nov 18 23:27:41 UTC 2009

Well we've certainly seen a few problems with Karmic.  I have reports
from new or upgrading users of crashing applications etc.

So here is what I see as the major problem.

Ubuntu has had such good success that to many people, Ubuntu and Linux
are one and the same thing.  Ubuntu = Linux and Linux = Ubuntu.

Canonical now has the responsibility, yes let me say that again,
"Canonical has a responsibility", to the entire Linux world, to be very
careful with what they put out.  Now I have no problem with releasing
Karmic but please, for all the rest of us, including other distributions
and companies that have worked hard over many years to promote Linux,

Karmic has some great stuff in it and I applaud the developers but it
has done nothing good for Linux on the desktop in the eyes of new and
upgrading users not to mention the media.

Canonical, you have the power, accept responsibility.

Save the usable releases to well debugged versions.  Make this crystal
clear to all the media as well.


George Farris   george.farris at
Vancouver Island University

"As Open Source continues to explode, and as we continue to see such huge
growth and success as it spreads across the world and into different
industries, we all need to remember that the raw ingredients that make
this happen are enthusiastic, smart, decent people, and I for one feel
privileged to spend every day with these people."  Jono Bacon

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