Desktop Effects Reverting to crude X-Server style Grahpics

Sebastian Geiger sbastig at
Sat Nov 7 14:30:49 GMT 2009

Resending since first mail was too big. Images are now at Imageshack:
Image 1:
Image 2:

Since a few weeks now I am experiencing a strange bug when I am
switching my desktop to use the second monitor thats connected through
my VGA port. I use a Laptop so its not connected all the time.

I have a thinkpad so I can use Fn+F4 to switch output. Pressing Fn+F4
usually switches between combinations LCD+VGA, LCD Only, VGA Only (where
LCD is my laptops monitor).

For me, plugging in the VGA cable and pressing Fn+F4 screws up the 2nd
screen, and then the appearance. The appearance became in a way like
crude XServer style grey graphics. Everything is a bit bigger and no
rounded corners and gradients anymore.
Interestingly the problem is instantly fixed when I go to
system->preferences and open appearance. As you can see the difference
between the two screen shots. One more thing is that when the graphics
get screwed like in Screen shot 1 then I cannot use Fn+F4 anymore (it
simply has no effect) until I open the Appearance Window, after that it
works again. How ever I can't get it to VGA+LCD, only either LCD or VGA
works and in between there a several iteration where the output is just
broken, so instead of pressing Fn+F4 3 times it have to press it like 6
or 7 time to get what i want.

I am wondering about which package I would have to file a bug?


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