[OT] Re: upgrade from 9.04 - 9.10: the most broken Ubuntu / Debian upgrade I have ever experienced

LD 'Gus' Landis ldlandis at gmail.com
Wed Nov 4 21:07:17 UTC 2009


  I've had a good-bad-great experience with Karmic.

  FWIW, I started back with Feisty.

  Right now, I am _very_ pleased with the way my system
  is working, although some "adjusting" has been needed,
  and was somewhat "uncomfortable" initially -- that is,
  getting all the stuff I use confirmed working.

  Karmic is the first time that compiz has been a big
  FAIL on my ThinkPad T41s (see attached).

  I don't like "eye candy", so had "Change Desktop
  Background" -> "Visual Effects" set to "None". When
  I updated my machine, it worked, and worked well.

  Jaunty had started being a dog with Firefox and I was
  seriously thinking of going back to Intrepid (it kept
  getting worse month by month).  When Karmic beta
  came out, I punted and went there.  It was marvelous.
  I even apologized (not out loud) for the venting (not out
  loud) I had been doing about how badly Firefox is
  supported on Linux (which IMO, it still is badly supported
  on Linux compared to Microsoft Windows).

  When I went to upgrade two other T41s (same model,
  9FU). when starting Firefox, the system would hard
  hang with a mostly invisible trapezoid looking like
  it was flipping down into place.  After a day of pondering,
  my son-in-law found that if he immediately went into
  the "Change Desktop Background" and switched from
  "Normal" to "None".... the hard hang did not happen.

  Further, we found that even running metacity with
  "compositing" ON causes things to really crawl on
  this model machine... So there is something more
  going on in Karmic than before.

  This is a pain, BUT not that insurmountable.  So, I
  am wondering how many others there are out there
  that have had some similar unexplained "hangs"
  that have sent them off "barking up the wrong tree"??

  I am hopeful that someone who works in the deep
  innards of compiz and other "compositing" window
  managers can identify where the issues are, and
  perhaps review the properties selected when the
  "configuring" based on discovered hardware is done.

  Perhaps shipping without advanced graphics
  enabled (none vs normal) would be better. Also,
  having a better way to diagnose whether older
  hardware can handle  the newer features would be

  Also, if one has a running system, and then is
  cautioned about adding features incrementally and
  testing between each addition, would keep folks
  from sliding off the road.


On Wed, Nov 4, 2009 at 2:21 AM, kkissling <kkissling at linuxnewmedia.de> wrote:
> Jonathan Ernst schrieb folgendes am 04.11.2009 09:45:
>> Le mercredi 04 novembre 2009 à 09:15 +0100, kkissling a écrit :
>> [...]
>>> The keyords are "in the past". Those things happend when I upgraded from
>>> 7.10 to 8.04. Did "do-release-upgrade" already exist back than? Anyway,
>>> good advice, I didn't know that command yet.
>> It already existed in 6.10
> Interesting, thanks! When I checked that I found this helpful page that
> describes upgrading older systems which reached their end-of-life:
> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades
> br
> Kristian
>> Best regards
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