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I'm not a Canonical employee but as you send this mail to a public
list I'll try to answer your questions.

2009/5/27 Derick Chua <derick_chua at>:
> We want Ubuntu to be the preloaded OS for our Netbook, just like Windows,
> would that be possible?


> What type of preloaded media that we can have, DVD type, ISO type, or HDD
> partition type?

Whichever suits you better.

> Does it required to have some kind of Certificates to be stick or pasted on
> Netbook, just like what Microsoft COA is about?

It isn't required, but if you want one you can ask Canonical for
certification. See for more
information on this.

> What is the cost of each license on each netbook?

Ubuntu is free, you can redistribute it as you want without any fee.
However, you may consider getting certification, support or some other
help from Canonical (the company behind Ubuntu).

> Can we have our logo to be displayed in your OS startup, and customize of
> our support interaction applications/tools?

Yes, but if you modify some existing application included in Ubuntu
you'll have to adhere to its licence (which may -or may not, depending
on which application it is- require you to publish the source code for
your modifications under the same license). You can get the source
code for most applications included in Ubuntu from or

Also, as a user I'd like to ask you to do such changes properly. If
you add some new application, install it as a .deb package and don't
just throw it in there, and try to make sure distribution upgrades
still work; same for package modifications. It's quite annoying to
find that your system doesn't work anymore after an upgrade (I'm
talking about changing rom one Ubuntu version to another, like from
Jaunty to Karmic, not normal security upgrades) just because the
vendor has put some stuff there in the wrong way.

> Training course of System Builder is provided by you I believe. Detail in
> terms of cost, venue and duration for attending this course is expected from
> you.

See for this.

> On top of these concerns, I believe we need to become your partner:
> What are the membership fees that we are actually dealing with?
> Partner Application Requirements & Procedures

Information at

I hope this helps you, and thanks for choosing Ubuntu :)


Siegfried-Angel Gevatter Pujals (RainCT)
Ubuntu Developer. Debian Contributor.

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