problems with ubuntu in general

solaris manzur sl.solaris at
Mon May 25 15:15:21 UTC 2009

a) i have always got problems with my internet connection from ubuntu,
problems that I do not have when i use ms windows:
1. downloading torrents: OMG! we must be patient, sometimes it does even
start the download, and it is not because of the torrent becasue as i said i
can  download it at good speed from ms windows, using utorrent, i do not
really know what is happening, maybe it is transmission, or what ever, I do
not really know why...
2. Pidgin is always crashing:

b) besides that OMG "Hibernating and suspending" This is a big trouble,
first, we do not have a loading process bar while hibernating and suspending
and second, it is not working in all pcs why?

c) Xorg crashes, see the atachement, it is always hapening, these troubles
gives ubuntu a bad name
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