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Derick Chua derick_chua at
Wed May 27 04:37:49 UTC 2009

Hi Sirs,


Good day. 


By sending you this mail, basically we, PROLiNK, is going to deal with
Netbook business sooner this year. We are actually having doubt of below
concerns and kindly seek your professional advice and comments:

1.	We want Ubuntu to be the preloaded OS for our Netbook, just like
Windows, would that be possible?
2.	What type of preloaded media that we can have, DVD type, ISO type,
or HDD partition type?
3.	Does it required to have some kind of Certificates to be stick or
pasted on Netbook, just like what Microsoft COA is about?

a.	If YES:

Request a sample of the certificate sticker

                                                              ii.      Can
our logo embedded into your certificate sticker?

                                                            iii.      How
much roughly this certificate is produce?

                                                            iv.      Which
party to produce the certificate?


b.	If NO:

                                                               i.      Can
we distribute the preloaded OS as many as we can?

                                                              ii.      Any
cost involve at this?

                                                            iii.      Any
T&C to be followed?


4.	What is the cost of each license on each netbook?
5.	Can we have our logo to be displayed in your OS startup, and
customize of our support interaction applications/tools?
6.	Training course of System Builder is provided by you I believe.
Detail in terms of cost, venue and duration for attending this course is
expected from you.


On top of these concerns, I believe we need to become your partner:

7.	What are the membership fees that we are actually dealing with?
8.	Partner Application Requirements & Procedures


We are sincerely looking forward to hear from your advice on above concern
the sooner the better!


Thank you once again.


With best regards,
Derick Chua 




(603) 8024 9151



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(603) 8023 9151

Hand phone


(601) 2210 6502



derick_chua at



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