Cron jobs too heavy for ordinary systems (system completely unusable for a while)

Vincenzo Ciancia ciancia at
Sun May 24 18:56:49 UTC 2009

Il giorno dom, 24/05/2009 alle 11.09 -0700, Jordan Mantha ha scritto:
> For me running Intel with 1200x800 I normally have > 150MB can
> regularly get to 300-400MB of RAM (2GB total) used by Xorg. Turning of
> compiz definitely helps. It also helps with my GPU lockups. I lose
> some nice features but it makes such a big difference.

I was using the same driver and had the same lockups. Yesterday I
finally installed the 2.4 driver which was in jaunty using a ppa
mentioned on the ubuntu wiki. Prior to downgrading I had to use UXA to
get decent performance.

I have used my computer for hours with firefox, lyx, skype and all the
fellows memory eaters, with compiz/EXA today and it's a bit slower than
the driver in jaunty with UXA, but xorgs is still occupying around 100
mb (it is no longer hanging indeed).

So if you want to try the same maybe we have a memory leak in the

Here is the PPA, if you try please tell me if memory usage of Xorg is


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