Current situation of amarok, and of latex tools

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On Thu, May 14, 2009 at 9:30 PM, Vincenzo Ciancia <ciancia at> wrote:
> Il giorno gio, 14/05/2009 alle 19.55 +0800, John McCabe-Dansted ha
> scritto:
>> Quite. I haven't noticed any problems with LaTeX. This may be because
>> I use LyX+xdvi. LyX+Okular seems to be fine too, although Okular is
>> rather sluggish compared to xdvi, it is usable unlike e.g. Acroread
>> (on either Linux or Windows). Forward and backward search "works for
>> me" in Okular.
> AFAIK okular does not implement forward search :) If it does then tell
> us how because I want to close the bug. For backward search I think you
> refer to emacs or other tex editors, because lyx does not implement it.
> If it did, lyx would be the perfect creation of the Tex God :) If it
> does, then I have to light a candle for the aforementioned God.

By backwards search I presume you mean what I call an inverse search,
which is supported in LyX although it is not configured by default.
I've managed to get it to work in 9.04 here. The best documentation
appears to be a mailing list post:

AFAICT lyx does not support clicking in the LyX document to jump to
the equivalent in the DVI viewer, which I think is what you call
forwards search.

LyX, Okular and everything else under the sun supports searching
forwards and backwards through text, which is also commonly called
"forward search" and "backwards search", and that what I first thought
you meant.

>> AFAICT Amarok didn't just have a couple of annoying bugs, it was never
>> really ready for widespread use. According to Jeff Mitchel "We've
>> maintained that until 2.1, most users should stick with 1.4.
>> Unfortunately, just as Intrepid shipped with the
>> it's-not-meant-to-be-a-user-release KDE 4.1, Jaunty shipped with
>> Amarok 2.0."
> Could you provide a link to this?

Here is your link back

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