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Fri May 15 09:17:14 UTC 2009

On 14/05/09 19:57, Markus Hitter wrote:
> Am 14.05.2009 um 13:16 schrieb Vincenzo Ciancia:
>> If every case can be argued to be uncommon, why worrying at all with
>> fixing bugs? No bug affects all users.
> Good point. Having no common case means bugs have to be taken  
> seriously independent of how many users are affected. If each bug  
> affects only one percent of the users, there likely won't be any  
> users left with a smooth experience, after all.

This exact point has me currently attempting to solve the problem of
"hardware incompatibility" in another way. I'm looking at buying a
Powerbook, and running my desktop as a virtual machine under OSX. I have
no desire to become an OSX user, but the pot-luck user experience I've
personally experienced with Debian and Ubuntu over the past decade with
incompatible hardware has me often pulling my hair out. Buying
pre-installed Ubuntu machines or Linux "Compatible" hardware has also
not been a pleasant experience.

I've personally had incompatibilities over the years with: wifi, sata,
raid, ethernet, sleep, keyboards, video drivers, mice, scsi, pcmcia,
palm, nokia, ipod, ptp, usb modems, ups, cd, dvd and bluetooth
headphones, to name the ones that readily come to mind.

There are days when I wonder if Linux will ever get ahead of the curve.
As popularity increases, expectations mount, bug reports increase, noise
level goes up, work-load goes up, dissatisfaction goes up, morale drops,
momentum stalls, and then - fubar.

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