Reproducible w3m bug

Sitsofe Wheeler sitsofe at
Fri May 15 09:09:23 UTC 2009

This is a quick heads up about a w3m bug that was reported many years ago and
has not seen any responses. As w3m is installed by default and the bug has easy
steps to reproduce the problem I'm making a last ditch effort to raise the bugs

A brief question - is this the sort of thing that people _don't_ want to hear
about? Whenever I am drowned in "Is this still a problem?" emails (and bear in
mind it takes ages to type up these reports in the suggested style precisely so
OTHERS can reproduce the problem) it occurs to me that perhaps I've
misunderstood the purpose of the Ubuntu bug tracker (it seems to most punish
those people who spend the most time on bugs). The most vivid example was this: (there was even a
patch and an explanation). As the years go by I am finally realising that I am
no longer willing to spend considerable effort only to see it wasted. I think it
would help immensely if bug standards were lowered so that when nothing happens
the contributor does not feel like anything of significance has been given (in
terms of time/effort). Alternatively it should be made clear that Ubuntu is only
capable of repackaging upstream and that if you aren't reporting bugs upstream
then all you are doing is entering a "is it still there?" cycle until the issue
is fixed upstream or you run out of time.


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